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We strive to innovate and reinvent the market place with our amazing client solutions. Our Ultra-High throughput Carrier Grade Infrastructure, combined with our feature rich applications, gives you unmatched reach to realise the potential of mobile marketing. Bol 7 helps you grow your Business. Not your Costs.
It enables you to send hundreds or thousands or lacs of SMS'es right from your computer to any mobile in India.
Bol 7 provides you with complete end to end solutions for 100% Legal Bulk SMS Marketing in India.
It is a 5 digit number on which SMS can be sent by subscribers, data can be used to communicate with the customer.
We are caught in a complex world where we want things to be simple and easy-to-use. Welcome to Bol 7, we at Bol 7 are here to make life simple, Bol 7 is a specialist provider of Bulk Push SMS and marketing services through SMS. We aim to make the mobile space easy to understand with campaigns that deliver great results.
Bol 7 can provide an extensive range of interactive services for SME's, Corporates & Resellers. Our clients can choose from a wide range of existing, Bulk Push SMS, highly interactive 2-way SMS(Shortcode) or SMS Marketing or Integrate your applications with our HTTP / XML API's.
Mobile interaction is unique in its ability to reinforce brand recognition, create relationships with people and collect data seamlessly. It is the only medium that can do all these functions concurrently. We are quickly moving into an era where people demand instant service and the ability to access information and services whenever they want. Bol 7 has the experience to develop and execute compelling mobile campaigns designed to exceed your expectations and the expectations of your customers.
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